New Year’s Resolutions for Preventing Dementia

It’s never too late to do something good for your brain. With a new year beginning and lots to cram in, you may experience a level of productivity you haven’t had the past year. So why quit just when you hit your stride? Continue the momentum and add some things on your list to start in just a few short weeks:

1. Take a class: You can renew an old interest or take up a new interest altogether. Many programs are available for all the people who are wanting to do new things in the new year – take advantage of what’s available and try your hand at something you’ve wanted to do for awhile. Or, just go on a whim and see what you like. Your brain will thank you for it.

2. Beat the winter blues: There isn’t a whole lot you can do to make the sun shine in the winter – unless you want to get a sun lamp and try to trick your body into believing it’s exposed to the “sun” (and spend extra money) – but you can achieve the same effect by exercising. Physical exercise can activate hormones that keep depression at bay, and a happy brain is a healthy brain.

3. Read more: Can’t go outside because it’s too cold? Can’t exercise also because it’s cold? Then stimulate your brain by actively engaging it. Reading will make the brain work harder to process information because of the imagination involved. Watching television programs just puts your brain in the passenger seat because all the images are there without the brain having to do anything. Try reading your favourite book to dig up fond memories or read something entirely different and new to create new pathways for your brain. If you fall asleep, then at least your brain had a good workout before sleeping, and the sleep will be rewarding in its own way.